[Adorama.com] Sony ICDUX512 2GB 보이스 레코더($39)

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혹시 필요하신분이 있으실지 몰라 올려봅니다. 요즘 아이폰으로도 녹음은 할수 있지만 좀더 전용 보이스 레코더가 필요한때가 있지요. 가격이 매우 저렴합니다. $39 네이버 쇼핑 최저가  12만원입니다.








스펙 :

Built-in Memory 2GB
PC Connectivity Yes
Built-in Microphone Stereo (S-Mic)
Recording Format Linear PCM/MP3
Playback Format MP3/AAC/WMA/WAV
Battery Type AAA x 2
Maximum Number of Folder 400
Maximum Number of File 4074
Maximum Number of Files in one Folder 199
Headphone Jack Yes
Microphone In Yes
USB port Yes (with cable)
DC in Jack No
Memory Card Slot MicroSD/M2
Scene Select Yes
FM Radio Recording No
AM Radio Recording No
Manual Recording level adjustment No
Low-cut Filter Yes
Limiter Function No
Add/Overwrite Recording No
Pre-Recording No
Cross-Memory Recording No
Sync Recording Function Yes
Recording Monitor Yes
Digital Noise Canceling No
Full Digital Amplifier No
Digital Pitch Control (Speed Control) Yes
Key Control No
Noise Cut Yes (Intelligent Noise Cut)
Digital Voice Up No
Graphic Equalizer Yes
A-B Repeat Yes
Easy Search Yes
Alarm Playback Yes
Track Mark Yes
Erase Yes
Protect Yes
Divide Yes
Move File Yes
File Copy Yes
Folder Name Change ( without using PC) No
Calendar Search No
LCD Backlight Yes
USB Connection Charging Yes

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